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The Cellcontrol Platform | A Distracted Driving Solution

Cellcontrol gives administrators complete control over employee mobile device usage behind the wheel of their motor vehicle. Managers can create a distracted driving policy and traffic policies that eliminate access to texting and driving, email, incoming calls (handheld calls), social media, games and any other inappropriate app usage while allowing mission-critical apps through our distracted driving software.

Our Technology

Intelligent Distracted Driving Prevention

You must be able to enforce policies to prevent distracted driving and be compliant with distracted driving laws. Our system allows your company to create policies that eliminate access to texting while driving, email, handheld calls, games and any other inappropriate app. Designed to eliminate device distractions while driving, improve safe driving, driving habits, traffic safety, and stop distracted driving crashes. Cellcontrol’s Distracted Driving Software allows fleet managers to customize which applications can be accessed while on the road.

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Any Device, Any Vehicle, Any Carrier

It works! 

Cellcontrol works across all vehicle types (truck or car), mobile carriers and mobile device platforms, including both iOS and Android devices. It is the only enforceable solution for the Apple iPhone and iOS devices (4S and newer). The system supports Android devices (4.3 and newer) as well, delivering the same quality user experience no matter the environment.

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Configurable and Scalable Architecture


Cellcontrol has been optimized for deployment across organizations of any size. The system is customizable at a driver level, enabling different employees to have different protection settings on the same account.

Custom Driver Policies

You may choose to limit the incoming calls an employee receives to those only from managers or allow another employee to use apps like navigation, all while blocking games, social media or other distracting apps. 911 or other emergency numbers are always allowed. Eliminate the dangers of distracted driving, reduce distracted driving accidents and stay compliant with law enforcement with Cellcontrol.

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