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Cellcontrol™'s safe driving solution has been recognized by Consumer Reports, CNN, and
the Today Show. In addition, Cellcontrol has already protected over 750 million miles of driving.


Prevent Distracted Driving

Cellcontrol's award-winning solution eliminates the temptation to talk, text, email, surf the web and more while driving.


IMPROVE Driver Performance

Receive alerts and scores letting you know how your teenager is driving. Get feedback to help coach your teen on how to improve their driving.


Location & Parental Controls

Customizable tools to ensure continued use, compliance with policy and historical mapping.  Cellcontrol delivers peace of mind.



Prevents Texting While Driving and More

Cellcontrol can disable the ability to text, email, surf the web, play games, Tweet, post to Snapchat and Facebook, take selfies and much more while driving a vehicle. 911 IS ALWAYS ALLOWED.


Only Truly Enforceable Solution for Apple iOS

Our distracted driving solution is the ONLY Apple App Store approved solution that delivers true policy enforcement on iPhone. Watch Competitor Comparison Video


Simple Setup

Three simple steps and you will have your Cellcontrol up and running - ready to enable safe driving. No tools required, just create your account online, download the Cellcontrol app, and attach DriveID to your windshield. That's it! 


Vehicle Motion Activated

Cellcontrol's safe driving protection policy works as soon as the vehicle begins to move. Start to drive and within moments Cellcontrol will begin to protect the driver and/or passengers from mobile distractions.


Enforceable and Tamper Resistant

We know your teen is smart, but so are our engineers! They've incorporated a number of measures that prevent tampering or disabling, and/or notify parents when tampering or disabling is attempted. A history of these events is accessible in your Cellcontrol admin account.

Standard Features


Cellcontrol DriveID from Cellcontrol on Vimeo.


iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Brew Support

Not only are we the best distracted driving solution for iPhone, our award-winning safe driving platform supports Android, Apple, Windows Mobile and select BREW (flip phones) phones.


Supports Hands-free Technology

Use of a phone has proven to be just as distracting as texting. Cellcontrol can restrict use to handsfree only via Bluetooth.


Customizable Policy for Each Driver in Your Family

Cellcontrol's safe driving protection policy is highly customizable. Each driver on your account can have a different protection policy. This flexibility allows you to decide what to allow or disallow while driving based on a driver's ability, state laws, etc. 


Works Without Any Driver Interaction

Cellcontrol's safe driving protection policy works on every trip, without any driver interaction. As soon as the driver enters the vehicle, Cellcontrol's DriveID 'wakes up' and starts protecting upon vehicle movement. This also reduces the impact on the phone's battery.


Active Monitoring and Reporting

Configure Cellcontrol to deliver alerts and notifications for a variety of actions or violations including attempts to disable the system, speeding, low phone use scores and much more.


Location and Speed Alerts

Cellcontrol delivers a driving and phone score, speed alerts and route reports for each trip. The system gives feedback based on harsh braking and cornering, speed, and more, as well notes on how the driver can improve their performance. Not only are they protected from distractions, they'll become a better driver in the process.


  • bigstock-Mother-and-Son-7949755_web.jpg

    I just bought this for my teens car and I love it. It works exactly as described. I think every teen driver should have one!! The money spent was definitely worth my peace of mind!

    Sasha W.

    Cellcontrol Customer - Los Angeles, CA

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    "I bought this for my teen driver and it works well. Doesn't matter if he wants to send a quick text or not HE CAN'T. PERIOD! Definitely makes me feel a little better when he's driving. This does a whole lot more such as  driving scores, excessive speed alerts, maps and more. Shutting down the ability to text and drive was our primary goal and highly suggest this to anyone with a teen driver.

    Kyle H.

    Cellcontrol Customer - McAlester, OK

  • mother_daughter_web.jpg

    "I just want to thank you for making parents like us worry less. We installed this in my daughters car after she got her license and it really has been a blessing to know there is one less thing we have to worry about. Thank you just isn't enough!

    - Cammi S.

    Cellcontrol Customer,  Fairview, MT


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