Simplify Compliance & Regulation | Distracted Driving Laws

Simplify Compliance & Regulation

The complexity and volume of laws and regulations continues to grow. Be sure you are compliant.


Penalty points for using a mobile device while driving, compared to 3 penalty points for failure to obey a traffic signal.


The National Safety Council reported that 73 percent of drivers think more enforcement of texting laws is needed.

It is in all of the headlines.

You can’t read the news today without seeing a story about a preventable distracted driving crash. Court awards and settlements are on the rise and governments are leveling harsher penalties for negligent behavior. Ensure your drivers are protected from mobile distractions behind the wheel, and be confident they are abiding by local and national laws, and in compliance with your company safe driving policy.


Don’t rely solely on the authorities for enforcement.

Transportation authorities and road regulatory bodies are aggressively seeking enforcement against drivers who violate laws that limit mobile device use while the motor vehicle is being operated. The laws and the penalties associated with them are only expected to increase in number and severity. Stay ahead of these laws and regulations with a proactive solution.



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