Reduce Risk & Expense From Accidents Due To Distracted Driving

Reduce Liability Risk and Expense

It’s not a matter of if your fleet will experience an accident from distracted driving, but when. You can reduce that risk and expense today.


Billion in commercial losses annually due to incidents related to distracted driving.


Estimate of Fortune 500 companies with a written policy prohibiting use of mobile phones while  operating a vehicle.

A solution to reduce risk and expense.

While mobile technology may be at the root of driver distractions, ironically it can also provide the solution. The risk and liability are just too great to ignore. Avoiding the problem is an unaddressed liability, putting your organization at serious risk financially and legally. Forward-thinking companies are proactively eliminating this risk, taking steps to ensure drivers aren’t using mobile devices while on the road.


Proactively and automatically enforce your company mobile phone policies.

Avoiding lawsuits and large fines is reason enough to enforce your mobile phone policy. You’ve started by creating a company policy to prohibit the use of mobile phones while the vehicle is in use, which is the right place to start. Your company must go beyond a written and published policy and ensure you are enforcing the policy with technology.



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Cellcontrol Features

Intelligent Distracted Driving Prevention
Customizable and Scalable Architecture
Works On Any Device, Any Vehicle, Any Carrier
Frictionless Implementation
Effortless Management
Data-driven Insights to Improve Performance
Works On Any Device, Any Vehicle, Any Carrier

Business relies on Cellcontrol to keep accidents down

"We've been using Cellcontrol services for over nearly 6 years. It has helped us to reduce our accident rates by at least 50% and lower our insurance costs by thousands of dollars. It's also kept us in compliance with both state and federal safety regulations." David Eichermuller, Assistant Safety Director, Budweiser


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