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The last thing a business leader wants is to see the company reputation tarnished.


Of annual sales businesses risk losing when a potential customer finds negative news on first page of search results


A bad reputation costs a company at least 10 percent more per new hire.

Your good name. Protect it.

Your commercial reputation is one of the most valuable things your company owns.The impact of incidents from distracted driving expand beyond your fleet, finance or even HR departments. The risk brought on by an incident due to distracted driving to your company reputation is very real. Even without a recent crash, the behavior of your workers behind the wheel of their vehicles can have a bearing on your company’s logo and can negatively impact your company’s reputation.


Your company reputation must be guarded.

Distracted driving affects more than just your fleet and safety teams. From finance to public relations and HR, negative incidents due to your workers using their mobile device while driving is a big danger to company reputation. No other single event could do more damage to the growth and profitability of your company than a settlement or action due to a distracted driving claim.



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Works On Any Device, Any Vehicle, Any Carrier

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We've been using Cellcontrol services for over nearly 6 years. It has helped us to reduce our accident rates by at least 50% and lower our insurance costs by thousands of dollars. It's also kept us in compliance with both state and federal safety regulations.


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