First Quarterly Distracted Driving Report from Cellcontrol Reveals Its Technology Thwarted 16 Million Attempts To Open a Cell Phone App By A Driver Behind the Wheel

First Quarterly Distracted Driving Report from Cellcontrol Reveals Its Technology Thwarted 16 Million Attempts To Open a Cell Phone App By A Driver Behind the Wheel

Written by: Cellcontrol Team

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Cellcontrol Has Protected Drivers From Distractions On More Than 155 Million Miles Traveled


Baton Rouge, La. - Cellcontrol, the technology that stops distracted driving, is announcing as part of national distracted driving awareness month, its first quarterly distracted driving report. The report revealed that its award-winning technology has protected customers from distraction behind the wheel for more than 155 million miles. Furthermore, Cellcontrol customers have also been protected from trying to access over 16 million apps and text messages.

“Based on most recent statistics, distracted driving claims the lives of, or injures over 450,000 drivers a year; from fleets at Fortune 500 companies to families with teen drivers, there’s no telling how many accidents we’ve prevented or lives we’ve protected with our technology,” said Cellcontrol CEO Robert Guba. “Also, many states have bans on distracted driving, so we’re not only saving lives but keeping users from costly fines,” Guba said.

A 2012 and 2014 CES Innovation Award winner, Cellcontrol’s DriveID knows where the driver’s phone is in the vehicle. Once the vehicle is in motion, DriveID applies a user-customized distracted driving prevention policy. The device is solar powered and simply affixes to the windshield of a vehicle, under the rear view mirror. Out of the box, DriveID comes preprogramed to stop all mobile distractions, including texts, emails, games, navigation apps, etc. However, users can customize which applications and phone numbers they want to allow through the system; they can choose to block the entire vehicle or just the driver’s zone. And users only need one device per vehicle and there are no additional fees after purchase.

Fleet managers, can also get valuable reports on driver behavior, including excessive speed, hard braking, device tampering, and also driving route reports at the end of each trip. “We created Cellcontrol because we wanted to save lives and prevent accidents,” said Guba. “But we also want to help parents and fleet managers foster positive driving behaviors, and that’s what these reports are designed to do,” Guba said.


About Cellcontrol

Established in 2009, Cellcontrol delivers the world’s leading technology to stop distracted driving and create better drivers. The company’s patented distracted driving prevention platform eliminates talking, texting, and browsing on any mobile device while a vehicle is in motion. Cellcontrol also collects a robust set of driver behavior data to provide valuable feedback to improve driver performance. Cellcontrol’s technology has been recognized by Consumer Reports, the Consumer Electronics Show and the National Traffic Safety Institute, and is used by families and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. For more information, visit and follow @Cellcontrol.


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