Cellcontrol Improves Driver Safety with Release of Version 3.0 of Software

Cellcontrol Improves Driver Safety with Release of Version 3.0 of Software

Written by: Cellcontrol Fleet Team

BATON ROUGE, La. – July 10, 2018Cellcontrol, the global leader in mobile device management technology to eliminate distracted driving, has released the Version 3.0 of its software, featuring a number of enhancements improving the usability, performance, stability and reliability of the system.


Desktop with Console and Mobile App V3.0 Release

Cellcontrol’s patented solution includes a mobile application compatible with virtually any mobile device – including iOS, Android and tablets – along with a robust management console for operational control in the office and an IoT device in each vehicle. The latest version of the software includes significant system-wide upgrades improving user experience and system performance as well as dramatically accelerated load times.


“Technology changes daily, presenting us with greater and more expanded capabilities, and that’s what’s spurred Version 3.0 of the software and platform,” said Joe Breaux, chief technology officer for Cellcontrol. “With the latest upgrades, we’re able to deliver a more robust and better performing product. Our customers rely on us to ensure the safety of their employees and we take that very seriously.”


Cellcontrol mobile application

The enhancements include usability and design upgrades to both the management console and mobile app, delivering an elevated and more intuitive user interface for both company management and drivers, along with significant infrastructure upgrades to deliver better performance and reliability.


Cellcontrol released the new version in mid-June to current customers, who will be able to receive updates while continuing to access the system. The upgrade will benefit more than 2,000 management console users and more than 100,000 mobile app users.



privacy_shieldAs a part of this product release, Cellcontrol has also integrated a Privacy Shield Policy into the new version, complying with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-US Privacy Framework that was set forth by the US Department of Commerce, establishing a heightened level of privacy with regard to the collection, use and retention of personal information of our users.


For more information about the Version 3.0 or to arrange a demo of Cellcontrol’s solution, please visit www.cellcontrol.com.



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