Cellcontrol Announces Key Milestones in Fleet Owners’ Adoption of Solution to Prevent Distracted Driving

Cellcontrol Announces Key Milestones in Fleet Owners’ Adoption of Solution to Prevent Distracted Driving

Written by: Cellcontrol Fleet Team

BATON ROUGE, La. – September 12, 2018 Cellcontrol, the market leader in technology to eliminate distracted driving, announced three key milestones in the business which outline the company’s success in making commercial vehicles safer:


  • More than 140 million blocked apps

  • More than 49 million blocked text messages

  • Nearly 12 million blocked calls


With more than 100,000 subscribers protected by Cellcontrol, the company also eclipsed protecting drivers over 2 billion miles traveled and blocked more than 200 million unique distractions.


Smart Detection Mobile DriveTag

“Each of those 200 million distractions is a potential accident that’s been avoided and, for our customers, that’s a tremendous savings,” explains Joe Boyle, chief executive officer at Cellcontrol. “When you consider that our customers have traveled more than 2 billion miles at speeds of up to 60 mph or more, it’s easy to understand how significant the impact is.”


Cellcontrol’s patented solution includes a mobile application compatible with virtually any mobile device – including iOS, Android and tablets – along with a robust management console for operational control in the office and an in-vehicle IoT device, giving fleet owners the ability to block distractions and keep their drivers safe.


logo-NHTSA-propertyDistracted driving continues to be an unfortunate trend that affects everyone even those not on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA), traffic deaths have steadily increased from 2014 through 2017 and, while there are a number of factors contributing to those fatalities, distracted driving is increasingly cited as a source.


For commercial drivers, the statistics can be even more alarming. Most drivers in the U.S. travel between 12,000 and 15,000 miles every year, while commercial drivers and long-range truck drivers can cover up to 10x that amount, greatly increasing their chances of becoming distracted and being in an accident. In fact, distracted driving is the culprit for 40 percent of commercial crashes. 


The Cellcontrol Platform

And while a national ban on texting for drivers of commercial vehicles has been implemented and several states have enacted even more stringent laws, many companies and fleet owners believe it’s not enough and they’re taking matters into their own hands and turning to Cellcontrol for help.


“Every variable of our business – deliveries in a densely populated area, hundreds of drivers and millions of miles traveled – increases the risk of an accident due to distracted driving. Not to mention that operating a vehicle while on a mobile device is illegal in parts of our delivery radius,” noted Larry Quinn, president of Capital Seaboard, a regional leader in seafood and produce distribution on the East Coast. “Cellcontrol is one of the tools we are using to protect our drivers and community.”


Cellcontrol, the global leader in technology aimed at eliminating distracted driving, has been helping companies like Capital Seaboard since 2009. “Texting is just one way drivers today can become distracted and, while laws aimed at prohibiting that are helpful, our customers needed more to keep their drivers safe,” explained Cellcontrol’s Boyle. “Phone calls, social media notifications and apps are all to blame for drivers taking their eyes off of the road and so we created a solution to address and control all of that that.”


For more information or to learn more about Cellcontrol technology, please visit cellcontrol.com.


About Cellcontrol

Cellcontrol’s vision is to provide societal and business benefits by adding contextual management to mobile devices in the workplace. The firm’s proven and flexible platform enables businesses to gain control of mobile devices both while driving and in the workplace. The company empowers its customers to enforce driver safety policies and programs as well as distracted driving laws and provides driver performance scoring and feedback.

Cellcontrol Management Console DashboardCellcontrol's patented solution is available on virtually any mobile device, including iOS, Android and tablet devices. Cellcontrol's global cloud-based management system provides instant access to data-driven insights, including driver safety and actionable reports. The mobile device management system consists of three components - a web-based management console, a mobile application and an in-vehicle, IoT device - and enables companies to dynamically monitor and manage employee protection settings and policy groups in real time. No matter the product or service a company provides through vehicles, Cellcontrol adds the proper controls to reduce costs as well as mitigate business risks.


For more information, visit cellcontrol.com.


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