Capital Seaboard Enlists Cellcontrol to Eliminate Distracted Driving

Capital Seaboard Enlists Cellcontrol to Eliminate Distracted Driving

Written by: Cellcontrol Fleet Team

BATON ROUGE, La. – June 20, 2018 Cellcontrol, the global leader in mobile device management technology to eliminate distracted driving, announced today that its solution is being deployed by Capital Seaboard, a regional leader in seafood and produce distribution on the East Coast, in all of its commercial vehicles.

The patented solution includes a mobile application compatible with virtually any mobile device
– including iOS, Android and tablets – along with a robust management console for operational control in the office and an IoT device in each vehicle. Capital Seaboard implemented this solution to better protect its drivers and ensure its restaurant and retail customers are properly served across more than one million miles company drivers travel each year.

Capital_Seaboard_logo“We are pleased to announce Capital Seaboard as one of our newest customers and are proud that such a national leader in distribution has taken this proactive step to enforce their driver safety program and policies,” said Joe Boyle, chief executive officer of Cellcontrol. “Our Fortune 500 and mid-market commercial customers adopt our proven solution to reduce the expense and liability that comes from the risk of distracted driving.”


Serving the Mid-Atlantic, Capital Seaboard’s customers rely on the efficient and consistent
delivery of seafood and produce to restaurants and retail stores in the region. The company
prides itself on its breadth and depth of knowledge in the foodservice industry and reliability of
delivery is essential to fulfilling the Capital Seaboard brand promise. Protecting its drivers while
delivering this reliability is a key objective for the company.

“Our delivery vehicles operate in a highly congested region. It was the most practical solution
we found to protect our drivers and our neighbors against the risk of incidents from distracted
driving,” stated Jennifer Bundy, director of transportation for Capital Seaboard.

“Every variable of our business – deliveries in a densely populated area, hundreds of drivers
and millions of miles traveled – increases the risk of an accident due to distracted driving. Not to
mention that operating a vehicle while on a mobile device is illegal in parts of our delivery
radius. Cellcontrol is one of the tools we are using to protect our drivers and community. We are
certain this technology will pay for itself in the long run,” commented Capital Seaboard President
Larry Quinn.

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App Dashboard 3.0About Cellcontrol

Cellcontrol’s vision is to provide societal and business benefits by adding contextual management to mobile devices in the workplace. Whether a business needs to enforce its distracted driving policy, provide business insights into worker safety or create efficiency gains in operations, Cellcontrol technology accomplishes these outcomes. Serving Fortune 500 and mid-market companies, the firm’s proven and flexible platform enables businesses to gain control of mobile devices both while driving and in the workplace. The company empowers its customers to enforce driver safety policies and programs as well as distracted driving laws and provides driver performance scoring and feedback.

Cellcontrol's patented solution is available on virtually any mobile device, including iOS, Android and tablet devices. Cellcontrol's global cloud-based management system provides instant access to data-driven insights, including driver safety and actionable reports. The mobile device management system consists of three components - a web-based management console, a mobile application and an in-vehicle, IoT device - and enables companies to dynamically monitor and manage employee protection settings and policy groups in real time. No matter the product or service a company provides through vehicles, Cellcontrol adds the proper controls to reduce costs as well as mitigate business risks.


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