Ohio Distracted Driving Laws

Ohio Distracted Driving Laws

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Commercial fleets in the Buckeye State of Ohio know that the rules of the road are getting tougher when it relates to distracted driving. Starting in October of 2018, Ohio drivers are facing harsher laws around the use of mobile devices while driving.



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The new law is an expansion of restrictions on texting and driving that have been around since 2012, in Ohio. Motorists will now be prohibited from any form of distracted driving including talking on the phone without a hands-free Bluetooth solution in place. Motorists that are pulled over for any traffic violation can also receive an additional ticket and penalties for any form of distracted driving.


Offenders to the new law face up to $100 fine and the requirement to complete a distracted driving safety course.


This law is welcome news from insurance companies, police and firefighter groups and victims of distracted driving. These groups all support the new law and expect it will make Ohio roads safer. The facts of the harm caused by distracted driving just can’t be refuted. In 2017, The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported that distracted driving was a factor in nearly 14,000 crashes.


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