You have elected to enroll in the Nassau County Distracted Driver Education Program. Cellcontrol is an approved vendor from the TPVA Program, to work with residents to reduce the number of distracted driving related crashes, injuries and deaths in the region.  Your participation in this program is the first step on the road to driving distraction free.

Here's how the program works: 



You have 10 days from your court date to purchase, receive and activate your Cellcontrol DriveID. When activating your account, you must use your full name as it appears in court documentation.



Cellcontrol will report account activations to Nassau County on a daily basis to ensure compliance.  The program stipulates you must utilize the device for 90 days. 


completing OF THE PROGRAM

At the end of 90 days, Cellcontrol will send Nassau County a report of your performance and completion of the program. You must also print a copy of the report and provide it to the court. TPVA will make a determination as to your success in the program.


1. Complete the brief info form below.

We will need your name, email address and Summons ID to enroll you in the program. 

2. Click submit and proceed to purchase your Drive ID

Add the special Nassau County DriveID package to your cart. Your 15% program discount is already applied. Click 'check out' and fill in your shipping and billing details to complete your order.
*You must sign for delivery of your DriveID

3. Activate your account

Three steps and less than five minutes will have Cellcontrol up and running, and ready to enable safe driving. No tools required! After creating your account online, download the Cellcontrol app to your mobile phone, attach DriveID to your windshield and complete the one-time pairing process. That's it! 

4. Familiarize yourself with your Protection Settings

Under the terms of the program, your Driver Protection Settings have been defined by the Nassau County TPVA. While driving, all applicaitons and functionality are disallowed, except: the ability to dial 911, hands-free calling, using voice commands, utilizing Passenger Zones, hands-free use of music apps, and hands-free use of Navigation. For iPhone users, you'll use Siri to access Apple Maps, Apple Music and other Apple native apps. On Android phones, you'll use the 'Allowed Apps' button to access navigation and music apps. *Remember, you may not hold your portable eletronic device while your car is in motion!

5. View your reports

You can view your trips and other details in your online account. Simply visit and click 'Login'. The Dashboard will allow you to see your daily trips, and offer a few general settings for you to modify.

Once you have completed the 90-day program, head back to the Dashboard to print your report. At the top-right of the page you will see the "Print Violation Report" button. Press this to generate and print out the report, then bring it down to the Nassau County Traffic Court. Generally the court will take 3-4 days to change your ticket to a minor infraction. You can check the status on the Nassau County Traffic Court website.

*More information on Mapping and Driver Performance

By default, the web-based GPS logging feature is turned off for your account.  If you wish to turn that feature on, please call our support line and we can activate that for you.  If you do choose to activate mapping, you will be able to see post-trip mapping and driver performance information including: the route for each trip, information on harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, as well as other driver scoring information. If you choose 'No', all GPS data will be discarded from your web-based account. (GPS data will still be stored on your mobile device.)  Either way, this information is NOT shared with Nassau County and is only for you to use if you choose.






• Not allowing Notifications


• Uninstalling the App


• Killing the App

The Cellcontrol application must be running in the background. Users shouldn't close the app (i.e. pressing the home button and swiping up on an iPhone, or Force Closing on an Android). This will trigger a notification to the account administrator.

• Removing DriveID or other form of tampering


• Failure to notify support if you do not go into a blocking state