System to Eliminate Distracted Driving For Administrators

Management Console

Our system empowers companies with built-in reporting and monitoring providing actionable insights and data to improve driver performance.


Technology Trusted by Fortune 500 and mid-Market companies globally

Driver Scoring and Safety

Comprehensive dashboard management of your fleet shows driver scoring and safety trends. Monitoring driving behavior and scores performance, our management console provides scores and rankings through a web-based interface on any browser.

Reports Portfolio

Utilization and compliance are key components of our reports portfolio. With views that can be controlled to a single driver, the reports provide our customers the insights to enforce  their  company policy against distracted driving. Reports include full  data on driving behavior and device data.

Dynamic Alerts

Exception-based management and notification system allows our users to review notifications in real time, on your mobile device or through eMail, informing you of exceptions and providing you live insights into the behavior of your drivers.

Business relies on Cellcontrol to keep accidents down

We've been using Cellcontrol services for over nearly 6 years. It has helped us to reduce our accident rates by at least 50% and lower our insurance costs by thousands of dollars. It's also kept us in compliance with both state and federal safety regulations.


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