Keep Drivers On The Road | Increase Operational Efficiency

Increase Operational Efficiency

The most visible sign that distracted driving is affecting the efficiency of your business is when you see drivers and vehicles out of service.


Reduction in annual motor vehicle crashes reported from Cellcontrol customers in the first year of service


Of commercial motor vehicle crashes are due to distracted driving

Keep your drivers on the road.

A driver off the road is like an airplane that is on the ground. The growth of the company slows when the drivers and vehicles are out of service. Operations that face out-of-service vehicles and trucks are hard to ignore. You can’t afford to allow incidents from distracted driving slows your business growth. Incidents, crashes and infractions of local laws are all ways that drivers and vehicles are taken out of service. It can be prevented with Cellcontrol, and our customers report that annual crashes can be cut in half in the first year.


Achieving efficiency gains comes from proper controls.

The Management Console of our technology platform can be configured down to individual drivers so that you are in control of your drivers. You can improve operations of your fleet of drivers by viewing your entire fleet, a particular driver and match the policy settings in our system to match the written policies you have as a company. You can even set up notifications and alerts so you are always one step ahead. Driver safety scores can also be used to engage your drivers directly through the Cellcontrol mobile app.



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Cellcontrol Features

Intelligent Distracted Driving Prevention
Customizable and Scalable Architecture
Works On Any Device, Any Vehicle, Any Carrier
Frictionless Implementation
Effortless Management
Data-driven Insights to Improve Performance
Works On Any Device, Any Vehicle, Any Carrier

Business relies on Cellcontrol to keep accidents down

We've been using Cellcontrol services for over nearly 6 years. It has helped us to reduce our accident rates by at least 50% and lower our insurance costs by thousands of dollars. It's also kept us in compliance with both state and federal safety regulations.


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