Improve Worker Health & Safety | Stop Bad Driver Behavior

Improve Worker Health & Safety

Optimizing the safe driving of your workers requires your immediate attention.



Percent of your driver’s attention is required for them to be safe.


Of all workplace fatalities are from motor vehicle crashes.

Your workers are one of your most valuable company assets.

Use technology to ensure enforcement. Go beyond the company distracted driving policy. Companies now, more than ever, want to do everything they can to keep their employees safe. NTSB compiles an annual “Most Wanted List” representing the top priorities that need to be addressed on the road. For the past four years, driver distraction has been at the top end of this list. The companies with the best safety cultures are the ones that make enforcement a cornerstone of their driver safety policies and programs.


The consequences of drivers distracted in motor vehicles can be dire.

Eliminating distracted driving requires changes. Improvements in training and driver safety policies and programs as well as increased laws and regulations to change driver thinking and behavior. It also requires that companies consider a technology solution to this business problem and adopt technology that increases enforcement and assists in controlling driver behavior.



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Intelligent Distracted Driving Prevention
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Works On Any Device, Any Vehicle, Any Carrier

Business relies on Cellcontrol to keep accidents down

We've been using Cellcontrol services for over nearly 6 years. It has helped us to reduce our accident rates by at least 50% and lower our insurance costs by thousands of dollars. It's also kept us in compliance with both state and federal safety regulations.


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