The Target Is On Your Back

The Target Is On Your Back

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The good news about having branded vehicles is that people know about your company. It is the face of your company to the public. That is also the bad news if your drivers are distracted behind the wheel.

Target - Dart board and arrow

Distracted driving in commercial fleets is a well-known business problem. The majority of people report that it is dangerous. However, we see drivers in commercial vehicles all the time on their phones and do not adhere to the basic laws and regulations. Even as the fines and penalties grow and the violations are more public, people just can’t resist.

Remember the first time you saw the How’s My Driving? sticker on the back of a van.

How is my driving Yellow sticker

Now the public takes photographs of your drivers on their phones and sends them to the company fleet manager. One customer we recently spoke to decided to adopt Cellcontrol to protect their business.  The fleet manager said, "We have a huge target on our backs. People see our vehicles and they see dollar signs. This problem is on the radar for the family that owns the company.”


Side profile angry driver

Your business likely faces these same risks. You might have even gotten dinged a few times with violations or the report from someone from the general public that your drivers were on their mobile devices while driving. With hundreds or thousands of vehicles in your fleet on the road at any given time, bad things can happen.


If you feel like you have the target on your back, there is a technology solution to this business problem. Enforce the laws and your company policies

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