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How do I add a new driver to my account?

  1. To add a new driver to your account, login to your account, click on Drivers and select New.
  2. Fill in the required information and save changes.
  3. Your new driver will be listed on the left-hand side of the screen.
  4. Select the new driver to make changes specific to this driver.

How do I add a new trigger to my account?

  1. To add a new trigger to your account, login and select Vehicles.
  2. Select New and enter the required information.
  3. Save changes and the new device will appear on the left-hand side of the screen under vehicles.

How do I change a driver’s policy?

  1. To edit the policy for a specific driver, under Drivers, click on the driver’s name.
  2. At the top of the Driver dashboard, click Protection Settings.
  3. A pop up menu will appear where you can change the policy settings.
  4. Once you are done with your selections, click Save Changes.
  5. For an explanation of each policy, see Policies below.

How do I change the notifications that I get?

  1. To change what notifications you receive, login to your account and click Notifications on the left-hand side.
  2. Once on the Notifications page, click the edit icon at the top right of the Configuration box. A pop up menu will appear where you can choose which notifications you want to receive. 
  3. Once you are done with your selections, click Save Changes.

Can I have notifications and alerts sent to multiple SMS numbers or email addresses?

Yes! Simply add whicever numbers/emails you'd like to receive notifications to the Subscriptions option on the Notification settings.


Allow GPS tracking (Android Only)

This policy controls the mapping functionality.  It allows for the tracking of the GPS trips of the phone for displaying on the phone and the Cellcontrol management console.

Allow handsfree calls 

This policy modifies the block calls policy to allow for only handsfree calls to be made and received while the vehicle is in motion.

Allow music apps (ANDROID ONLY)

This policy allows for the use of music applications such as Pandora and Music while the vehicle is in motion.

Allow navigation apps (ANDROID ONLY)

This policy allows the use of navigation applications such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze, while the vehicle is in motion.

Allow passenger zones

This policy controls the passenger zones.  With this policy checked and a DriveID unit in place, the phone can be used in the passenger areas of the vehicle. As soon as the phone returns to the driver’s seat zone, blocking will resume. The default delay timing from driver to passenger zone is 30 seconds. You can adjust the delay in the DriveID passenger delay field.

Block apps

This policy controls the blocking of the phone’s application usage.  With this policy checked, all applications on the phone will be blocked.  With this not checked the phone is put into an audit only mode. In Audit mode, the phone usage is not blocked, but the account administrator is notified of activity. 

Block Calls

This policy controls the blocking of calls when the vehicle is in motion. By default there are no allowed incoming or outgoing calls. Using ‘allow handsfree policy will allow handsfree phone calls when used in conjunction with this policy.

Do you want to enable overrides?

This policy allows the driver to override the phone policies for the remainder of the trip.  This requires a password given to the user by the administrator that must be entered on the phone while in the trip.  An alert is sent to the administrator if it is used, as it is turning blocking completely off for the remainder of the trip. We do not recommend utilizing this feature. 

Do you want to send Auto-Responding SMS?

This policy enables an automated text reply to any messages received while the vehicle is in motion. This message informs the sender that the recipient is driving, and will respond later.

DriveID passenger delay

This policy controls the delay, in seconds, when the phone moves from the driver’s seat zone (blocking mode) to passenger zones, where usage is allowed.  (This policy is used to deter the driver from holding their arm over into the passenger seat.) *’Allow passenger zones’ must be checked.

Left side steering wheel

This policy is used in conjunction with the ‘Allow passenger zones’ policy.  This setting defines which side of the vehicle is considered to be the passenger side of the vehicle. 

Lock screen time - Siri (iPhone only)

This policy controls the amount of time that the iPhone’s screen will stay on when the phone is in blocking, and the phone is locked.

Stop Light Delay

This policy controls the delay, in seconds, that it takes for the phone to come out of blocking mode once the vehicle comes to a stop.  This is used to prevent the user from using their phone when stopped at a red light. 

What do the notifications mean?


Check this to turn on notifications for violations and alerts.

Notify device removal

This notification is sent to the administrator when the driving score is below the set level.  The driving score represents speed, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, etc.  It is used to represent how the user is driving.

Notify location services (only applicable for iPhone)

This notification is used to inform the administrator that the iPhone’s location services have been turned off for Cellcontrol.  With this off, the Cellcontrol application cannot be automatically restarted if the user or operating system kills the application.

Notify pairing (only applicable for iPhone)

This notifies the administrator that the iPhone is no longer paired to the Cellcontrol trigger.  With the phone not paired the phone will not be blocked. 

Notify phone not seen

This notifies the administrator that the phone has not communicated with the Cellcontrol servers in a period of time.  All phones, except the iPhone, report in once an hour; iPhones report in after a trip. 

Notify phone score

This notification is sent to the administrator when the phone score is below the set level.  The phone score is a representation of the amount of time the phone was used during the trip.

Notify reinstall

Notifies the administrator when the user has reinstalled the application to the phone. 

Notify speeding alerts

This notification is sent to the administrator if the Cellcontrol trigger reports a speed greater than this value. 

Notify trigger not seen

This notifies the administrator that a phone on the account has not seen the Cellcontrol trigger in a period of time.  This is used to notify the administrator that the trigger needs to be checked to make sure it is still installed. 

Notify via Email

Sends notifications to the administrator via email at the Email address entered in the Email Address Box

Notify via SMS

Sends notifications to the administrator via SMS, at the phone number entered in the SMS Number Box. 


Can Cellcontrol work in parallel with my car’s Bluetooth system?

Yes.  Cellcontrol fully supports existing and future car infotainment systems, aftermarket headsets, handsfree devices and other Bluetooth products.  In many cases, it re-enforces the use of those systems with our patented policy enforcement.  For instance, with FordSync, you can set the policy to allow hands free calling and music.  However, if the driver un-pairs from FordSync because they want to use the phone inappropriately (others in car hearing conversation, reading text, etc…) Cellcontrol will enforce policy and deny them access to unauthorized apps or functions until they re-pair to FordSync, and are using the device within the definition of acceptable use.  

How do I access white-listed applications on my iPhone?

When in blocking mode, swipe the Cellcontrol notification on the lock screen of the phone.  In the Cellcontrol application there is a button called “apps” clicking this will show you the allowed applications.  Click the app that you want to use and Cellcontrol will navigate you to the requested application.  

How do I make calls on my iPhone?

While the phone is in blocking mode, swipe the Cellcontrol notification on the lock screen of the phone.   Once in the Cellcontrol application select either phone or contacts.  Access may or may not be granted based on of the policy for blocking of phone calls. 

How do I pair my iPhone?

To pair your iPhone, install the Cellcontrol application on your iPhone.  Next, you need to wake up the Cellcontrol trigger.  To do this, once DriveID is mounted to your windshield, move the vehicle in a turning motion; typically a drive around the block should suffice.  Once the device is awake, you should get a notification on the iPhone saying, “Please open the Cellcontrol Application to pair your device.”  Please wait until it prompts you with a Pairing Request; after it appears, click pair.  The iPhone is now paired and should begin blocking once the vehicle starts moving.  

I cannot get my android to pair to my DriveID unit.

No pairing is ever necessary on the Android. All you need to do is log into the application and start driving. 

I cannot get my iPhone to pair to my DriveID unit.

Get into your vehicle and turn the engine on. You must move the device laterally to wake it up. The easiest way is to drive forward and turn. Once you have done this, click on the Cellcontrol Application. Within 30 seconds the application should instruct you that you need to pair. Click on the Cellcontrol notification and wait in the Cellcontrol application until it reaches out to you with a pairing request.  Within 30 seconds the application should prompt you with a message to pair. Click “pair”.  

I changed my policy and went for a drive, but the changes did not take effect.

It can take up to an hour on Android for the policy settings to update. On iPhone it often does not update until the end of your next trip. After changing your policy, if you open the Cellcontrol application, this likely will download a new policy. 

The Bluetooth on my iPhone will not stay connected. Is this a problem?

This is not an issue.  The iPhone is designed to, once paired initially, connect and disconnect to the unit.  This is to allow for multiple phones in the vehicle. 

What does the red bar at the top of my iOS device mean?

The red bar that is displayed at the top of the iPhones means that the DriveID policy is currently in effect. It signifies that the phone currently “sees” the DriveID trigger and “hears” its signal. it may not always be visible though, even when the system is working properly. 

What if I need to use my phone in an emergency?

911 is always allowed through Cellcontrol system 

What model iPhones do DriveID and DriveProtect work with?

Currently the DriveID and DriveProtect systems work with all iPhone models newer than 4s.  

When I hold down the home key to access SIRI, SIRI closes before I am able to complete my request.

By default we only allow a few seconds for SIRI access. This time can be adjusted by logging into your account and going to: Drivers->Click the Driver’s Name -> Edit Policy -> Increase the Lock Screen time. You may also enable Hey Siri, which will allow for full voice control over Siri and her functions.

Why are my trips not showing up right after I finish driving?

There may be a delay in reporting that a trip has finished, if the data for that trip has not been transferred from the Cellcontrol trigger. Once all of the trips data is transferred the trip will appear in the system. 

Why doesn’t it work on Windows phone?

Currently Cellcontrol cannot work on the Windows phone 8 or phone 8.1 platform. This is due to limitations in the Windows Phone Operating System.  We are not planning to bring support to this platform. 

Why don’t I see a blocking screen on my iPhone?

The iPhone does not make use of a blocking screen. Instead, Cellcontrol locks the phone when the user tries to access an unauthorized app or function on the phone, while the vehicle is in motion.