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Download the ultimate safety checklist for parents of new driversThe ultimate safety checklist for parents of new drivers

is your new driver fully prepared?

As a parent of a new driver, it can be an exciting time to witness your child pass a major milestone. However, you’ve heard the frightening statistics about the number of teen driving fatalities and accidents, which can be offputting. Fortunately, safe driving behavior is best introduced at home with your help. This checklist provides a comprehensive list of items to teach your teen before getting behind the wheel to ensure they are taking driving seriously. In this checklist you will get:

  • A complete plan to keep drivers and all passengers as safe as possible
  • Safety concerns to share with your teen to help demonstrate the importance of safe driving behavior
  • Steps you can take if your teen is not taking safe driving seriously

To receive this free checklist and start educating your teen on the necessities of safe driving, complete the form to the right.

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