I founded Cellcontrol to keep people safe from texting while driving and other forms of distracted driving, and also help them become better drivers in the process. Like many parents I was thinking of my kids at the time. The first sparks of the idea came from two events, one very devastating and the other through the help of my my son, Jake. The first was the 2008 Metrolink metrolink_train_crash.jpegCommuter Train crash.  It was the worst train collision in 15 years. It turns out the conductor was sending and receiving texts just before the crash. I watched with the rest of the country as the story unfolded--25 people were killed and 135 were injured because someone was looking at their phone when they should have been paying attention to the task at hand. The second event happened a few weeks later. Jake walked past me in the hallway at home, looking down at his phone. I called his name--I don’t remember why, probably to remind him to take out the garbage, but even after third time he still never looked up. The next second he walked right into the wall at the end of our hallway. I knew then that there was a growing problem with our addiction to our mobile devices, and that addiction was following us into our vehicles. Technology was causing this problem and I knew technology could help solve it, and Cellcontrol was born.

jake_AC.jpgOne of the many things I love about our company is how passionate each and every one of us are about what we do. A lot of that passion comes from the fact that each one of us at Cellcontrol has been personally touched by distracted driving, or know someone who has. My story, and also the affirmation of how much our solution to distracted driving is needed, involves my daughter, Anna Catherine. She was driving to hang out with some friends, stopped at a red light near our house. The light had been red for a about 20 seconds and she was third in line. Out of nowhere, a guy in a truck rear-ended her, pushing her into the car in front of her. He was on his phone and not paying attention to the road.

Anna Catherine and Jake

It’s a call no one wants to get. I raced across town, and while she was scared and shaken, Anna Catherine was ok.  There were a few bruises and several thousand dollars in damage, but everyone seemed to be fine. Thankfully our story turned out ok, but we hear from parents every day whose stories turned out so much differently.

And that’s exactly why we do what we do—to ensure no parent, no company gets that call and they have peace of mind when their kids start driving or their employees are on the road. Fast forward eight years later and we've now protected our clients (both families and Fortune 500 companies) across the globe as they've traveled more than 1 Billion miles. Still, every story renews our commitment to make sure Cellcontrol is in every car, in every family, in every company.

Stay safe and stay focused and as always, drive carefully.



Robert Guba, CEO