Distracted driving continues to be an issue for drivers of any age, but teens are often naive to the dangers and implications it can cause, especially as technology advances. They can be easily distracted behind the wheel with taking selfies, adding hashtags, and sharing with friends. Just last month a Georgia teen crashed at a speed over 100 mph trying to use Snapchat's speed filter. As your teen learns to drive, it's important to share the facts on distracted driving to shed light on what's at risk.

The realness of personal distracted driving stories are tragic but these stats just might scare you.CellControl-MiniInfographic_FINAL_jpg.jpg

It is crucial for parents of new drivers to talk to their teens about the risks of distracted driving, and how to avoid that temptation. While they can feel like numbers on a page, these stats are very real, and very alarming. Ideally, you'll engage in an ongoing dialog that helps to reinforce safe driving habits. Additional steps, such as graduated driving privlages or installing a device like Cellcontrol, can contribute to your parental peace of mind. 

Ready to talk to your teen or loved ones about distracted driving? Here's an article from our friends at EndDD.org that can help you get started. Additionally, here's some tips for safer driving you can apply right away.   Know someone who struggles with distracted driving? Share this article with them! 

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