Pennsylvania mom shares Cellcontrol story with ABC

Denise Melhorn decided there had to be a better way than entrusting her daughter with the will power to not use her cell phone while driving. After performing some research she uncovered Cellcontrol, a clever technology solution to the distracted driving epidemic. Watch Denise’s daughter talk to ABC about what it’s like to drive now [...]

Morgan County Citizen – New Technology Aids Caleb’s Law

By: Michael Prochaska Staff Writer Three years after the State of Georgia declared a ban on texting while driving, new technology aids in enforcing the law. A new device called Cellcontrol effectively restricts texting and other hands-on applications while driving. It works like this: After an app is downloaded to the user’s smart phone, the [...]

Device aims to keep teen drivers from texting behind the wheel –

Summary of an article written by Rachel McGrath Ventura  County Star Posted June 8, 2012  at 5:25 p.m Cellcontrol, a Louisiana company, has designed a technology to stop distracted driving.  While having success with commercial fleets, Cellcontrol has partnered with Scosche, an Oxnard, California company, to move into the consumer market.  Scosche’s Safe Driving System powered by Cellcontrol, is [...]

Device Keeps People From Texting and Driving – WSB-TV Atlanta

ATLANTA — Mandi Sorohan arrived at a rest stop in Morgan County in a van carrying a bump sticker which serves as a remembrance and a warning for anyone driving near her. The sticker demands drivers not to text behind the wheel. It carries the name of her 18- year-old son, Caleb, who crashed and [...]

Some New Gadgets On The Market

By Deborah Porterfield – USA TODAY This weekly roundup takes a look at the practical and sometimes quirky aspects of tech products. Device blocks texting in the car Worried about your teen driver texting while driving? With cellControl, you can go beyond the usual safety lectures. The Bluetooth device, which can be plugged into a [...]

New apps helping parents combat teen texting and driving – Fox 31 Denver

Story by Kim Posey LONE TREE, Colo. – Max Rubin just got his driver’s license a few weeks ago. He’s enjoying his new freedom and trying to limit his distractions, like his cell phone and text messages. “It’s really tempting to see what (the message) about or who it’s from, but you can wait five [...]

“My Kid Would Never Do That: Driving” – Dateline NBC

Think YOUR kids would never use their cellphone while driving?  So did these parents! Their teens drove, distracted, even KNOWING that they had DriveCam watching them! Take a few minutes to watch Dateline NBC’s powerful story – “My Kid Would Never Do That: Driving”!!!!    

“OUR VIEW: Texting and Driving: It’s Dangerous and It’s Illegal” –

Here’s a sobering statistic: At 55 miles per hour, a car travels the length of a football field in a little less than 5 seconds. That’s also the same time it takes to read a text message, according to government statistics. You know where this is going. That’s like driving blind for nearly 5 seconds [...]

Tech To Prevent Driver Distraction – Connected World Magazine

Tech to Prevent Driver Distraction 4/12/2012   By now, you’re aware that it’s National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and that distracted driving is indeed a problem. But in addition to spreading the word about the dangers of irresponsibly using devices while behind the wheel, what can really be done to make a difference? Bans? Not [...]