Cellcontrol since the beginning has been vehicle-integrated using a non-pairing Bluetooth-equipped OBD or J-Bus trigger; this vehicle connection is used to accurately determine the vehicle state.  The vehicle state is then communicated to the participating mobile devices.  Cellcontrol application blocks unauthorized usage of protected devices whenever a protected vehicle is actually being driven according to customizable policy that is managed on the web.

Our initial patent work and additional filings have built upon this principle.  We are the original with freedom to operate OBD and JBus solution.  We encourage people to test our product to see why we are better.

Cellcontrol takes pride on our technology and our award winning architecture.  We take the challenge to provide a reliable and effective distracted driving solution seriously.  And believe we have delivered a solid technical solution to the marketplace.  Others solution providers have tried various methods only to keep changing their architecture and still find out that they are inaccurate, unreliable and technically incapable of delivering a market ready solution.