No Self-Control? Get cellcontrol

cellcontrol has one mission...To be the trusted global provider of products and services enabling responsible safe use and operation of mobile communication devices by drivers.

Our flagship product cellcontrol delivers on that mission...cellcontrol is plug-and-protect, safe cell texting, safe cell talking and safe cell phone use enforcement when a vehicle is accurately detected to be in motion. In short, cellcontrol will not allow a teenage driver or employee send or read a text message, cell phone call, email or push-to-talk while the vehicle is moving, but will ALWAYS have emergency communications.

Company Overview

The creator of cellcontrol, obdEdge is a pioneer in the driving-while-distracted marketspace. Conceived in 2008 and established in early 2009, the technology company has developed the patent pending cellcontrol, the first comprehensive product to curb the use of mobile devices (cell phones, smart phones, etc...) while driving.

cellcontrol is fully customizable and scaleable, the product can cater to a family with teenage drivers, small businesses or global corporations. Using Bluetooth technology and a downloadable application, cellcontrol sends calls to your voicemail, delays all text messages / emails, and restricts internet usage while the vehicle is in motion (over 1 mph). The technology allows for one phone to be paired with many vehicles, many phones paired to one vehicle, will not affect passenger cell phones, and allows for programmable emergency numbers through the network, all with the goal of lowering insurance premiums, worker’s compensation claims, vehicle accidents, lost productivity, and ultimately saving lives.

  • Easy to self-install, use and administer
  • Emergency calls ALWAYS enabled
  • Cellular provider independent
  • Scalable (1 to many)
  • Secure with built in protection against disabling
  • Very accurate
  • Will not impact any other phones or devices in the vehicle, only the driver’s or participating passenger phones.
  • NOT based on unreliable GPS or Cellular Tower Triangulation

What People Are Saying

"After having used cellcontrol both personally and with my business, I can’t do without it. Also, my children will never drive a car without it!"

Stuart G, Beta Customer